1. When you sign-up, YPS provides you with virtual addresses in the United Kingdom, China, United States, and Europe to shop “locally” in these international settings and then forwards your purchases to wherever you may call home, anywhere in the world.
  2. In addition to a virtual address, YPS offers a virtual personal shopper to aid and enhance your e-commerce experience should you desire concierge assistance with purchasing a particular product for whatever reason.  Our goal is to remove any restrictions and challenges that may not allow you to shop online and across-borders.
  3. Shop locally/offline anywhere across the United Kingdom, Europe, China and United States.  When you are requested a local address to process any of your orders even if you live thousands of miles away, use your local virtual address in that region to process your purchase.
  4. When your package arrives at our local warehouse/your virtual address, we notify you to make an online payment for your shipment costs to deliver your package to your home or YPS’ deducts the total shipping costs from your YPS pre-topped-up account.
  5. YPS then ships your package anywhere in the world, we provide full visibility along the way.  Track your package directly from YPS or from your YPS customer Dashboard.


A virtual address is a local address provided by Yourpersonalshopper.com for you to shop globally.  The virtual address is also the physical address where your packages are received by our YPS staff on your behalf by the local delivery company.

You can choose from 4 virtual addresses, initially:

  1. Using the US address:

    First name: (Your first name) 
    Last name: (Your last name) 
    Address 1: 381 Blair Road  
    Address 2: YPS **1234567890 (your unique number) 
    City: Avenel
    State: New Jersey
    Zip Code: 07001

    Using the UK address:

    First name: (Your first name) 
    Last name: (Your last name) 
    Address 1: One World house 
    Address 2: YPS **1234567890 (your unique number) 
    City: Hayes 
    County: Middlesex 
    Zip Code: UB3 3NB

    Using the China address:

    First name: (Your first name) 
    Last name: (Your last name) 
    Address 1: Address 1: Ground floor, block 8, section 1, Guangyayuan industrial park, Bantian,
    Address 2: YPS**1234567890 (your unique number) 
    Region: Long Gang District, Guangdong
    City: ShenZhen
    Zip Code: 518000

    Phone No: +86 13641421553

    Using the Netherlands address:
    First name: (Your first name) 
    Last name: (Your last name) 
    Address 1:  Westerdreef 5K 
    Address 2: YPS**1234567890 (your unique number) 
    City: Nieuw-Vennep
    Zip Code: 2152CS
    !!! When purchasing from the 28 EU countries you may use either the UK or the Netherlands address.

  1. When you are buying online and are requested a local address to proceed your order, use your virtual address for that specific region or country.
  2. When the online/offline shops does not ship internationally use your virtual address.
  3. Even if your shop ships international, most often than not our shipping prices are more affordable than the online shop for the mere fact that we ship larger volumes of parcels on a daily basis across the world.    You can estimate your shipping cost using the YPS shipping calculator. 

Your YPS ID is the number that identifies you in our YPS systems.  This information allows us to know that the arriving package belong to you and how to ship your item to your final destination. For example, your YPS virtual address for the UK would look like this:

Example of a YPS ID:  YPSGB88000123

  • The highlighted letters in Green are associate with the country in this case, Great Brittain.
  • The highlighted number in yellow Is your unique ID # for YPS.  No other YPS member has this number, except YOU.   

Your YPS virtual Address in Great Britain would be something like:
YPSGB88000123 (this number is not associated with an actual customer) 
One World House, Pump Lane
Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3NB, United Kingdom

To view your unique virtual address and YPS ID, go to your account Dashboard and click on “My Virtual Address” on the left hand side for more information.

Write your address like this:
YPSGB88000123 (Put this where your First and Last name would go) 
One World House, Pump Lane
Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3NB, United Kingdom

You can find all your virtual addresses on your account dashboard once you sign, just simply navigate to “My Virtual Address”.

We know your parcel is for you, because the last digits in your unique YPS address associate only to YOU!  It is your digital number that identifies you from all our other customers.


You can.  We recommend you contact your financial institution, if you deem fit and make them aware that you also use these address for your international shopping.  No need to provide them with your YPS virtual ID.

You can track your parcel in several ways:

  1. You can log-in directly on to your customer dashboard and navigate to “Track my Order”.  There you can find your order tracking number and track directly.
  2. On the YPS homepage, navigate to Smart tracking and enter your tracking number
  3. Go to www.oneworldexpress.com and enter your tracking number to track the latest updates on the whereabouts of your package. 

The cost associated with using YPS is related to your shipping costs, initially.    You will be notified of shipping costs once your package arrives to our local warehouse/virtual address.  You must pay all shipping costs before your package is dispatch.

In some countries, YPS may have local partnerships where local delivery partners have agreed with YPS to accept Cash or Payment on delivery. 

As other services are deployed and introduced, you will be notified via emails and online communication.

YPS protects the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all information you input. 

We save only the last four digits of your credit card number for your identification purposes only. We transmit the entire credit card number through SSL to the appropriate credit card company during the billing process. 

It is important and it is your own responsibility to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your password and personal computer. Make sure you sign off when finishing using a shared computer. 

Please navigate directly to the Privacy Link to read and review YPS’s privacy Policy.

Please navigate directly to the Terms & Conditions Link to read and review YPS’s privacy Policy.

Yes. YPS will insure your packages with up to $50 as standard at no additional cost to you. If your shipment is of High Value, You may want to insure the parcel for the full amount. YPS offers an insurance option at an extra charge.  You can find out about the additional costs by contacting us directly or navigating to the YPS calculator

One of the most important responsibilities that fall on you when using your virtual address, is you MUST submit your shopped Item(s) details online by signing-in to your account.  Otherwise, when your package arrives to our warehouse/virtual address, YPS staffers will not be able to identify that the package belongs to you or how to dispatch it to your correct final mailing address. 

To upload your shopped items:

  1. Login to Yourpersonalshopper.com using your Username and Password.  Once logged in, navigate to your “dashboard” and then Click on “Add Shopping Details
  2. In the Online form provided, tell us in which country you shopped and which website, and how your item is being shipped to us (which courier?).
  3. Describe the products/items you purchased by providing 1) product name 2) product value 3) any tracking details
  4. Finally, Upload proof of receipt or invoice, and tell us which address you would like your package to be dispatched to.  This information is key to transport and ship your packages internationally. 

Login to Yourpersonalshopper.com using your Username and Password.  Once logged in, navigate to your “dashboard” and then Click on “Add Shopping Details

You can view a list of what is allowed and is not allowed under “Resources” and “Acceptable Items”

YPS reserves the right to continuously change this information.   Specific countries may have specific guidelines and items are deemed unacceptable for import to their countries.  You will notified if this is the case if your package arrives with an item that is deemed unacceptable.

For the most part, our service is expedited across the world no-matter where you may live.  Our commitment is to ship your order as soon as it arrives in Your Virtual Address, and then committed to have your item delivered to you in 5-8 Business days to your doorstep.

If you require next day or 2nd day delivery, please contact us directly and we will make arrangements to have your package shipped in a timely manner.  Additional charges will be incurred.

Since we only provide for your item to be shipped from your virtual address to your final delivery address or the self-collection point at the final delivery destination, and are not in any way considered the seller, YPS will not be involved with any claim for refund, return, rebate or exchange of any item purchased using the virtual address. For all such items, you will need to liaise and deal directly with the merchant/seller in respect of any refund, return, exchange, rebate, and money-back guarantee policy and their required procedure.   

If you used any affiliated Yourpersonalshopper.com platform and personal shopper service, we will be happy to help you navigate the process on your behalf or provide guidance should you require it.  For more information, please contact us directly

Depending on your Item value, duty, tax/VAT, and other fees may be assessed upon importation and custom clearance at your final destination country.  Please check the regulations for customs and clearance in your country of residence or where the product is being shipped for full details and expected costs for the classification of your product. 

Once your package arrives from your original seller to our office, we process your order within 24-48 hours.  Once your order is dispatched, we are committed to getting your package to you within 5-8 business days.  It may be sooner than that if you final destination is closer in proximity to your virtual address.

For the most part, your shipping costs are calculated by taking the volumetric weight of your package.  The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost due to airline/cargo regulations.

Volumetric Weight in kilograms is calculated by multiplying Width, Length and Height together and then divided by 5000.

Width x Length x Height in centimeters / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms.

For Example a box with:

Width: 5 cm; Length: 9 cm; Height: 5 cm = .5 kg volumetric Weight

Why: (5x9x5) / 5000 = .5 kg

Initially, the only charge associated with YPS is your shipping costs.  As new services are introduced, YPS will notify you of associated costs with new services or should any policy should change.

We recommend when you place an order online and you input your virtual address as the delivery address that you request a tracking number from your online retailer.  You can use this tracking number to track your package to our local warehouse/virtual address.

Once your package arrives at the warehouse, our YPS team, will look to see if you have uploaded your information in our system and will update our backend database to inform you via email that your package has arrived in our warehouse; and has or will be dispatched from the virtual address to your final delivery address shortly. 

You can track the status of your package anytime by logging into your customer account dashboard by logging in at www.yourpersonalshopper.com.

You can shop anywhere internationally online or offline.  The retailer will ship your package to your local virtual address for an YPS staffer to handle the rest for you.  Shop globally anywhere at your favorite online shops, boutiques, and well-recognized brands or perhaps at a newly discovered business that still has not made it to be the big league, but you know has the coolest product around. 

We provide the means, you have full creative freedom to choose.  As we continue to grow, YPS goal is to continue to be a non-stop shop for your international brands and shopping needs.  We will make recommendations based on your shopping history and preferred brands.

There may be multiple reasons why your package may have not being dispatched by our team, to include:

  1. Your package has still not arrived from the original retailer to YPS’ office/your virtual address.  Please track your original sender’s tracking number to see the latest tracking status or contact the original sender directly to inquire. 
  2. Your package has arrived to our YPS office, but it is in line/queue to be processed. We process all packages, if all information has been received from you, within 24-48 hours.
  3. Your order cannot be processed because payment for your shipment costs have not been paid.
  4. Your package arrived, but our YPS staff could not associate your package with a YPS ID because you have not signed up for our service or you did not upload your shopped items on www.yourpersonalshopper.com
  5. Your package is on hold.  Your package can be on hold for multiple reasons, including payment for shipment has not being received, invoice/proof of receipt was not uploaded to YPS, item is deemed counterfeit, item is deem unacceptable.  When a package is placed on hold, please expect to receive an automatic email from our team notifying you your item has being placed on hold.  For more information, contact us directly.

Your package can be on hold for multiple reasons, including:

  1. payment for shipment has not being received,
  2. invoice/proof of receipt was not uploaded to YPS and therefore YPS cannot ship your package internationally,
  3. item is deemed counterfeit,
  4.  Item is deem unacceptable for shipment. 

When a package is placed on hold, please expect to receive an automatic email from our team notifying you your item has being placed on hold.  For more information and how to remove the hold, please contact us directly.  You can also find more information by logging in to your yourpersonalshopper.com account.

We regret to hear your item was not as described.  We are unable to help you with navigating any type of refund as we are not the original seller of your item, but we can help with returning back the package back to the original seller.

Please contact customer service to provide you with a return label back to the original country.  Charges associated with return shipping do apply. You will be charged for the shipping costs to return it back to the exporting country where your virtual address may be located.  

YPS does not refund shipping costs for shipping your package to final delivery address, for this type of circumstances.

We recommend you contact the original seller to see if they provide a free return service locally.  We are happy to help you with returning the package from our local YPS virtual address to the original sender.  If a free domestic return service is not provided by your original seller, YPS will help you returning the package from your home country all the way to the original seller, at a cost to you.

Please login to your YPS account, navigate to “My Virtual Address” and find the local contact details on the specific virtual address section.

You can also contact customer service directly for this information.

You can contact customer service by clicking on the Contact US page.    You can also email CS@yourpersonalshopper.com or Sales@yourpersonalshopper.com