"Consolidation" refers to the multiple shipments of items, which are combined into a consolidated shipment, and accordingly, payment of one base charge for the consolidated shipment.

"Delivery address" means your local mailing or delivery address as registered with the local postal or courier in your Yourpersonalshopper.com profile or such other delivery address as registered at check-out on the Yourpersonalshopper.com website.

"GST" refers to goods and services tax and "VAT" refers to Value Added Tax, whichever expression includes any tax, by whatever name called, of a similar nature that may be substituted for it or levied in addition to it.

"Item" means the actual physical package containing the actual content(s) being shipped or received, as the case may be, by the merchant(s), the local postal or courier and you, as applicable.

"Member" means the registered Yourpersonalshopper.com member, whose personal particulars and address are as registered with the local postal or courier at the Yourpersonalshopper.com website.

"Merchant" refers to any online merchants which ships to a Yourpersonalshopper.com source country, which allows the use of an international credit card and provides the sale of non-prohibited items.

"Our," "We," "Us" and "The local postal or courier" refers to Yourpersonalshopper.com and its registered carrier/s. "Self-collection option" means the option provided by Yourpersonalshopper.com in selected countries whereby member elects to collect the item at a self-collection point, at a post office or designated pickup location.

"Self-collection post office" means the post office selected by member via the Yourpersonalshopper.com website for the self-collection of the item instead of delivery to his/her local mailing/delivery address as registered with the local postal or courier on the Yourpersonalshopper.com website.

"Shipment" means the item being shipped by air express, postal or other method of shipping in any combination to you. "Yourpersonalshopper.com" refers to a service provided which includes but is not limited to, the provision of online presentment and/or payment of bills, invoices and renewal of policies on behalf of service providers, shipping and shopping services as well as other services that may be introduced from time to time. This service is accessible at the URL www.yourpersonalshopper.com

"Yourpersonalshopper.com source country" refers to the country which Yourpersonalshopper.com has or offers a virtual or physical address, for the purposes of providing shipping and shopping services, including but not limited to the United States, UK/Europe, India, Africa and China. The selection of Yourpersonalshopper.com source countries may differ according to your country and may vary as the service expands or shrinks to suit the requirement of your country.

"Service" refers to a service provided by Yourpersonalshopper.com which allows you to shop at any eligible online merchant's websites, provided such merchant operates in and ships to a Yourpersonalshopper.com source country, and have their items consolidated or delivered to their local mailing/delivery address as registered with The local postal or courier on the Yourpersonalshopper.com website or collected by you at a self-collection point.

"Yourpersonalshopper.com address or virtual address" refers to the address at a Yourpersonalshopper.com source country as provided by Yourpersonalshopper.com for the purpose of consolidation or the provision of the Service. Yourpersonalshopper.com may at its discretion change this address or add new addresses from time to time.

"You" and "Your" refers to the member using this service. Title headings are inserted for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of the substantive provisions of these terms and conditions.

The Yourpersonalshopper.com terms of use and privacy policy, found at terms-of-use and privacy-policy respectively, shall apply to all members and are fully incorporated herein by reference and must be accepted at the time of joining. It is accepted that when you, the member join the yourpersonalshopper.com service that you have accepted all of these terms and conditions in full and in perpetuity. In the event of conflict or ambiguity between the Yourpersonalshopper.com terms of use and privacy policy and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions shall prevail. All terms of the merchant websites apply directly and are not affected by these terms and conditions unless otherwise stated and specified.

3.1 You shall promptly confirm and pay any service charges as specified in the Yourpersonalshopper.com website which include but are not limited to the following components:

(a) shipping charges; (b) duties (excise included) and GST/VAT prevailing from time to time, if applicable; (c) holding fees; (d) any additional shipping charges, should the item not comply with the specified guidelines for delivery in order to process the shipping of the item to you; and (e) any other charges, if applicable, in order to process the shipping of the item to you.

3.2 You shall promptly pay all duties and taxes, any additional charges for customs clearance and any other applicable charges imposed by any local or government authority of the destination country, before the item is delivered to your local mailing/delivery address or made available for self-collection at any self-collection point. Yourpersonalshopper.com holds no liability whatsoever for any un-paid debt to any local authority by its members, however in such an event Yourpersonalsohopper.com reserves the right to collect these charges directly from your member account where you have ignored or otherwise avoided paying charges to a local authority or are in breach of any local law or any other non-specified legislation - see 3.5 for full details.

3.3 Only payment via the Yourpersonalshopper.com website or otherwise as may be specified by Yourpersonalshopper.com will be accepted.

3.4 All payment must be made in full. The local postal or courier may detain the item for which such payment has not been made in full until such time full payment is made. We also reserve the right to dispose the item in any manner we deem fit in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3.5 You shall compensate us for the cost of storage of the said item, shipping charges, storage charges, duties and taxes incurred by us, and all claims, damages, fines and expenses incurred if the shipment/item is deemed prohibited, dangerous and/or illegal. We reserve the right to dispose the item in any manner we deem fit, if you fail to make payment of all charges within thirty (30) days of notification to do so. All fees will be deducted directly from the yourpersonalshopper.com member account - where funds are not available request for funds will be made. Failure to make payment will result in legal action against you personally and in any such event we reserve the right to blacklist you/your name/address/email/card or other until all remaining charges are paid in full. We reserve the right to refuse service thereafter.

3.6 All credit card, PayPal or other fees for or through payment services will be automatically deducted from any account balance you hold with yourpersonalshopper.com.

3.7 An additional handling charge may be levied on your member account against any item received in a yourpersonalshopper.com facility belonging to you if there is insufficient detail or missing information on the delivery label whether the merchants error or yours. See 5.5

4.1 The shipping charges will cover handling, overseas shipping and local delivery from the Yourpersonalshopper.com virtual address to your local mailing/delivery address or the self-collection point. Please see "shipping charges", "rates" and "service types" on the webpage www.yourpersonalshopper.com for more details.

4.2 We will have the right to review the shipping charges from time to time and make changes thereof without any or prior notice to you and/or to any third party.

4.3 You acknowledge that all dutiable items imported to the destination country are subject to customs duty and/or excise duty in accordance with the prevailing local customs duties as outlined in section 3.5.

4.4 The Shipping charges are specified in the section "Shipping charges" on the Yourpersonalshopper.com website, as may be amended from time to time, and are based on how the item has been packed by your merchant.

5.1 You shall use the Yourpersonalshopper.com service subject to the following conditions: (a) you agree to abide by and comply with these terms and conditions at all times; (b) you agree to abide by and comply with the privacy policy as a Yourpersonalshopper.com member at all times; (c) you agree to submit a copy of your identification document for verification purposes if requested by us; and (d) you have provided all information we require in connection with your registration, and that accurate and complete information has been provided.

5.2 You shall ensure that items purchased from merchant's website are not articles prohibited by the country of origin and/or the country of destination.

5.3 You grant us the right to disclose specific information as required by any applicable law, direction of a statutory regulator or stock exchange or pursuant to a court order.

5.4 Upon your purchase of the item at the merchant's website, you shall indicate as your shipping address, your Yourpersonalshopper.com account number and the Yourpersonalshopper.com address, as may be applicable as well as the merchants' carrier tracking number as applicable to ensure that on arrival to our virtual address the item/s are handled in accordance with both your and our specified process. You may login to Yourpersonalshopper.com to view the applicable shipping address and the tracking details as provided.

5.5 You acknowledge that incomplete or erroneous information provided by you or your Merchant may result in loss or delay in the delivery of your item to the provided Yourpersonalshopper.com address. For any items which arrive at our facilities without correct details may be subject to an additional handling charge.

5.6 We reserve the right to dispose of the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you or the merchant, if we are unable to process the item within thirty (30) days of the shipment being received at the Yourpersonalshopper.com address, for any reason.

5.7 You shall pay directly to the merchant for your purchase at the merchant's website. This includes the price of your item, handling and local domestic shipping charges and all applicable taxes applicable unless you utilise our designated "Tax Free" addresses - see list available on www.yourpersonalshopper.com .

5.8 You shall be liable to us and indemnify and keep us indemnified at all times from and against all demands, claims, action or proceedings by whomsoever made and against all damages, costs, charges or expenses (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) incurred, suffered or sustained by us in connection with the Yourpersonalshopper.com service performed for you.

We will notify you of the amount you have to pay for shipping charges, customs clearance charges, GST, VAT or other service taxes (if applicable) and any other applicable charges as referred to in clause 3.1. Where possible and where this option is applicable. In providing the service, we act as an independent contractor and we are not an agent of any merchant(s) or act in any other capacity unless otherwise specifically stated.

7.1 It is your responsibility to enquire into and comply with import and export regulations of the origin and destination country.

7.2 You should refer to the website set up by the government authorities of the countries of origin and destination for up-to-date information on customs duties and regulations regarding hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles, and any other regulatory issue that may affect the item or shipment.

7.3 You agree that your item or shipment is deemed unacceptable if: (a) No customs declaration is made when required by applicable customs regulations; and/or (b) it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), any applicable governmental department or authority or other relevant organisation of the country of origin and/or the destination country.

7.4 You shall be liable for any and all loss or damage suffered by us and/or any third party as a result of a breach of clause 7.3(a).

7.5 It is not our responsibility to advise you what is deemed a "dangerous" or "hazardous" item however we have provided a list of common prohibited items - You may check here to view a list of such unacceptable items which are currently notified to us by the relevant authorities. This list may be amended by us and the relevant authorities from time to time. We are not responsible for the contents of this list and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage which may be suffered or incurred by you or any merchants as a result of any inaccuracies or omissions thereof.

7.6 You acknowledge that additional charges are applicable for re-direction of the item, made at your request, to another address other than the local mailing/delivery address provided under Your Yourpersonalshopper.com profile. You also acknowledge and accept that re-direction of an item may not be possible once injected into a carrier or postal organisation and this is unwavering.

7.7 You acknowledge that additional charges are applicable for re-direction of the Item, made at your request, or return of the item, if the item is deemed unacceptable for import to the destination country. You will be notified of these additional charges as they become due and payable by you. You also acknowledge and accept that re-direction/return of an item may not be possible from your country and this is unwavering. Please see our returns service page for more information.

8.1 An item will only be delivered to one (1) delivery Address, the self-collection point, as the case may be as stated in your member account - changing the address mid-transit of your item/s is not accepted. We hold no liability for such actions and reserve the right to close your member account without refund of any funds held in that member account.

8.2 We shall make reasonable effort to deliver the item to you within the stipulated time frame indicated on the Yourpersonalshopper.com website upon check-out of your packages. High security addresses or addresses in more remote locations may require a longer delivery period. There will be no deliveries on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and gazetted public holidays. We shall however not be liable (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any delay in effecting delivery for whatever reasons.

8.3 We will have the right to refuse delivery or make the item available for self-collection if any amount owing to us is not paid in full. 8.4 You agree that the actual/volumetric weight of your item may vary up to a maximum of 0.5 kilograms and you will not hold us accountable for these discrepancies. All weights and volumes checked at our facilities are final and un-disputable and can be adjusted at any time during the transport despite merchant weight or volume pre-advice.

8.5 An item shall be delivered to the delivery address, but not necessarily to the named member personally. Shipment may be made to letterboxes in accordance with these terms and conditions, but shall not be made to P.O. boxes. 8.6 An item (regardless of weight) will be shipped only after the item has arrived at the Yourpersonalshopper.com address and after you have made all payments due to us in full accordingly.

8.7 We may, at our sole discretion, perform any of the following activities on behalf of you in order to facilitate the shipping of your item:

a) Complete any documents required under applicable laws and regulations; (b) act as your forwarding agent for customs and export control purposes and as a receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and entry; and (c) re-direct the shipment to another address upon request by you. All fees will be applicable for said services and deducted from your member account without notification or clarification.

8.8 We will attempt to deliver the item to you by depositing it in your letterbox if we deem the item to fit in your "letterbox" or left in a "safe place". We do not take liability for loss and damage of Item after it has been delivered to your "letterbox" or left in a "safe place".

8.9 We do not offer an SMS notification for deliveries to your country at this time - All tracking is done via the yourpersonalshopper.com website or you can use the designated carrier web service to track your item after it has been dispatched to you.

8.10 If you have chosen a postal or leave safe delivery option to a letterbox and this letterbox is full or of smaller dimensions which render the depositing of the item into your letterbox impracticable or impossible, a delivery advice will be deposited at the delivery address or in your letterbox at the delivery address, as applicable. This is delivery/carrier dependant and we cannot verify that this will have been done in your country.

(a) For all signed for deliver services please ensure that you have someone at the address on the day the delivery takes place to sign for the item - failed deliveries may be returned to the depot of the service, re-delivered at a cost to you or returned to sender at your cost, yourpersonalshopper.com if not received/signed for.

8.11 Self-collection

(a) You may login into your Yourpersonalshopper.com account to select the self-collection point (if available) before the shipping of the item from the Yourpersonalshopper.com address. (b) Upon the delivery of the item to the self-collection point, an e-mail notification will be sent by us to you. You agree to collect the item at the self-collection point within the stipulated period stated in the email notification, failing which we may dispose of the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you and you may be subject to such additional charges as notified by us to you. (c) We reserve the right to review, amend or remove the list of self-collection offices or drop off points from time to time and make changes thereof without any or prior notice to you and/or any third party.

8.12 Upon receipt or collection of the shipment or item, you are advised to check that the item has been received in good order before signing for the item - after signing you will not be able to make any claims for damage or loss resulting from the carrier. Any and all claims from damaged items must be with the carrier directly.

8.13 You acknowledge and agree that the customs authorities of the destination country has the right to detain any item for whatsoever reason they deem appropriate, and that we are not liable for any consequences of such delay.

8.14 You may login into your Yourpersonalshopper.com account to check the delivery status of the item or use the carrier web service.

8.15 Re-packing

(a) We may, at our sole discretion, re-pack the items before shipping from the Yourpersonalshopper.com address to your local mailing/delivery address or the self-collection point if we consider the items suitable for re-packing or unsuitable for carriage, so as to reduce the total shipping charges applicable to such items. (b) in the event of such re-packing, you shall pay us a re-packing fee for each package re-packed. The relevant fees can be found on our website. (c) you acknowledge and agree that any such re-packing of items may render the return, refund or exchange (or any other similar) policy of the merchant for an item invalid, void or cancelled; and we shall not be liable to you for any loss, damage or liability which may be suffered or incurred by you as a result there of. (d) prevent the risk of damage in transit.

9.1 There is no delivery to restricted areas.

9.2 There is no delivery to any restricted areas as defined by the country of destination.

10.1 All items imported are subject to customs clearance.

10.2 You acknowledge that the customs authorities will detain dutiable items. You will be informed of the status of the item by a letter of notification from us, the carrier chosen or from the customs authorities. The item may be released after examination by the customs authorities in the presence of you or your representative and on payment of any charges deemed appropriate by the customs authorities.

10.3 You acknowledge that the import of controlled items in the shipment requires the approval from the relevant customs authority. Items requiring approval or licences from relevant customs authority will be detained by the said customs authority. You will be notified about the procurement of an import licence from the customs authority concerned through the chosen agent. Upon presentation of the licence and payment of any charges to the relevant customs authority, the item may be released.

10.4 When using the service for shipments from the USA, for any shipment or item with a value above USD2500 (two thousand and five hundred United States Dollars), please fill up the shipper's export declaration (SED) form. Please ensure that all information is correctly entered to ensure smooth delivery of the item from the United States to your destination country. Kindly print out the SED form and send the duly completed form to the local postal or courier, the chosen carrier, to yourpersonalshopper.com or your customs agent prior to shipping

11.1 If you fail or refuse to (i) accept delivery; (ii) pay for delivery; or (iii) collect the item, or the shipment or item is deemed unacceptable for any reason, we may at our sole discretion:

a) Where appropriate, contact you to discuss and agree on an appropriate action to take; (b) use reasonable efforts to return the item to merchant at your cost; or (c) dispose the item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to yourpersonalshopper.com for any losses whatsoever.

11.2 Subject to clause 11.1(a), if a re-direction is required, additional charges are applicable for such re-direction - if applicable. If no re-direction is possible even if we

12.1 As we only provide for your item to be shipped from the Yourpersonalshopper.com address to your delivery address, the self-collection point (as the case may be), We shall not in any way be involved or concerned with any claim for refund, return, rebate or exchange of any item in the shipment. For all such items, you will need to liaise and deal directly with the merchant in respect of any refund, return, exchange, rebate, and money-back guarantee policy and/or procedure. All refunds, returns, exchanges, rebates, money-back guarantee policies and/or procedures will be in accordance with the merchant's policies and procedures.

12.2 For the return of items, you will need to provide your own arrangements to send the item back to the merchant, and at your own cost.

12.3 In the case of an exchange, you will provide your own arrangements to send the item back to the merchant, and pay for the subsequent charges in order to have the item returned to the delivery address, the self-collection post office or other as specified by you. In the case of a return of the item to a merchant, while the item is still in the Yourpersonalshopper.com source country as confirmed by us to you in writing, you can arrange with us for the return of the item to the merchant. This return will be subject to a service charge and domestic delivery cost. If however, the merchant provides you with free domestic return, you must provide us with a return sticker and the relevant instructions to do so in the same exchange instructing us to return the item to the merchant. Notwithstanding any free domestic returns as provided by the merchant, you will be responsible for all service charges as may be notified by Yourpersonalshopper.com.

We may, at our sole discretion, but are not be obliged to, open and inspect for any reason any item in the shipment.

14.1 We shall not be liable for all indirect, ancillary or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to the loss of profits, business and anticipated savings, even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to our attention before or after acceptance of the shipment, including but not limited to our failure to perform any of our obligations hereunder as a result of circumstances outside our control including but not limited to the outbreak of war, any governmental act, explosion, accident, civil commotion, riot, industrial dispute, strike, lockout, stoppages or restraint of labour from whatever cause whether partial or general, weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any mode of transport or other force majeure, including fire, flood or any acts of God or other not mentioned above whether in or out of our control.

14.2 On the condition that we are satisfied that your claim of loss or damage to the shipment or item or contents thereof is justified as our fault, our liability for loss of or damage to your item or its contents thereof shall be limited to the following sums based on your or your merchants declared value(invoices will be required:

(a) The full amount of shipping charges paid by you for the item; and

(b) 1% (one percent) of declared value or a maximum $50.00 (fifty United States Dollars) of the declared value of the item for which or where you have a justified claim.

14.3 Claims are limited to one claim per item, settlement of which will be full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith. All such claims must be made within thirty (14) days from the date of payment. We will review the validity of the claim. We reserve the right to reject any claim(s) if they are not made by you within the stipulated time.

14.4 For the avoidance of doubt, all payments made by us for the purpose of any claims of loss or damage including without limitation in accordance with this clause 14, shall be in the form of "in store credit", which members can use for the purpose of future use of the services. You agree that this Yourpersonalshopper.com in store credit is an acceptable as full and final settlement for all claims brought by you.

14.5 Please note that the optional insurance is available when you use our shipping services. You may wish to obtain independent advice from an advisor/expert before proceeding with the purchase of the insurance. Please log in to our website for further information.

14.6 Warsaw Convention: If the shipment or item is transported by air and involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention, if applicable, governs and in most cases limits our liability for loss or damage.

We shall not in any case be liable for any loss, damage and delay of shipment arising from:

15.1 Any defect in any item in the shipment, whether or not known to us at any time before delivery to you;

15.2 incomplete, insufficient, or erroneous entry of the Yourpersonalshopper.com address by you at the merchant's website;

15.3 failure by the merchant to make delivery within a reasonable time to the relevant Yourpersonalshopper.com address;

15.4 failure by any party or the merchant to provide complete and sufficient information on your shipment item to Yourpersonalshopper.com or make an accurate declaration for customs clearance, regulatory and delivery purposes;

15.5 insufficient or improper packing or addressing information of any item in the shipment by your merchant;

15.6 improper packing of any item in the shipment after having been opened by us for verification whether at the request of any customs authority or other governmental agencies;

15.7 insufficient or improper packing of any item in the shipment after having been re-packed by us (whether at your request or not);

15.8 any alleged delivery from the merchant to the Yourpersonalshopper.com address provided by you, where there is no proof of delivery furnished by the merchant or their delivery agent and where the receipt of the item is not signed and acknowledged at the Yourpersonalshopper.com addresses;

15.9 Any loss of confidentiality in communications arising during the shipping;

15.10 electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of electronic or photographic images or recordings;

15.11 The hazardous, fragile or brittle nature or the mechanical derangement of any item in the shipment; or

15.12 failure by you to take delivery of or collect the shipment after being notified to do so.

15.13 items made from glass or fragile items whether packaged correctly or not - we will not accept liability for contents of said glass containers no matter the declaration, value or content.

You shall indemnify and keep us indemnified at all times from and against all demands, claims, actions, proceedings, costs, charges and expenses including but not limited to customs charges and other regulatory penalties, storage charges, retrieval and administrative costs, duties and taxes (including reasonable costs) incurred, suffered or sustained by us in connection with the Yourpersonalshopper.com service performed for you, and pay us damages, costs and interest in connection with such demand, claim, action, suit or proceeding.

17.1 Any notices, demands or any other correspondences whatsoever shall be deemed to be communicated to you if the same is sent by email to the address provided under your Yourpersonalshopper.com profile, or such other address as informed to us in writing prior to the dispatching of any notices, demands or any other correspondence whatsoever. All notices or correspondence from you to us must be in writing and sent to us at the address or email specified in this clause.

17.2 All claims for loss or damage must be made within (1) one day (24) Twenty four hours from the date of delivery where you rejected the consignment noting the rejection on the delivery/consignment note, failing which we shall have no liability whatsoever. Such claims must be made in writing, accompanied by the original copy of the consignment note showing why you rejected the item and a photograph of said damage(if applicable), any supporting documents, relevant invoices or receipts for that item and should be submitted online at www.yourpersonalshopper.com

18.1 These terms and conditions, the Yourpersonalshopper.com service, the information on this website and use of all related facilities are provided on an "as is", "as available" basis without any warranties whether express or implied.

18.2 To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all representations and warranties relating to the Yourpersonalshopper.com website and its contents, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or course of dealing or usage of trade. Further, we do not make any representation or warranty in respect of the accuracy, completeness, availability and suitability of the Yourpersonalshopper.com website and its contents, or any other representation or warranty.

18.3 While we may use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this website, we make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy, timeliness or completeness.


18.5 The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by law. None of your statutory rights as a consumer that cannot be excluded or limited are affected.

18.6 We give no warranty as to the genuineness or authenticity of any item purchased from any merchant's website(s).

19.1 We reserve the right to terminate or suspend this service at any time without assigning any reason.

19.2 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Yourpersonalshopper.com service if:

(a) There is abuse or misuse of the service by you; or (b) we are of the reasonable opinion that you have breached any of the terms and conditions herein contained.

19.3 We shall not be liable to you or to any other party for any damages, losses, cost or expenses howsoever caused by or arising out of such termination or suspension.

20.1 You may terminate use of the Yourpersonalshopper.com service by giving us at least one (1) calendar month's prior notice in writing to our address specified in clause 17.

20.2 Your termination of use of this service shall not release you from any liabilities or responsibilities which have accrued prior to the date of termination, including but not limited to your obligation to pay any outstanding charges.

We have the right to assign or transfer or sub-contract all or part of our rights or obligations hereunder at our discretion.
We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. The revised terms and conditions will be posted on this website and shall take effect from the date of such posting. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of these terms and conditions.

23.1 We may be accessed from all countries around the world where the local technology permits. As each country has differing laws, by accessing this website both we and you agree that the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to the conflict of laws principles thereof, will apply to all matters relating to these terms and conditions.

23.2 We and you accept and agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom in respect of any dispute or difference arising out of and/or in connection with these terms and conditions.