Your Personal Shopper

Online shopping globally is enabled by (YPS), by providing customers with virtual addresses in the United States, China, United Kingdom and Netherlands to shop domestically and then YPS forwards purchases to customers' home countries around the world. is an e-commerce platform driven by a virtual personal shopper to aid and enhance the e-commerce experience of consumers. Enabling YPS to deliver e-commerce around the world where due to many restrictions and challenges consumers cannot shop online and cross-borders.


YPS is a free subscribed service provided to online international consumers, where personal shoppers will be available to shop for the consumer or facilitate the buying process.  Our online systems fully manages the shopping progress along with providing the required visibility to the consumer, including order fulfillment and tracking knowledge.


For shopping customers, this is a pre-paid service which will enable our online personal shoppers to purchase virtually any item from any store. This service will also enable consumers to buy from niche stores that may not have an online international presence.


To learn more and to start shopping using your virtual addresses, please click on Sign Up to register for YPS!